Quality Assurance

We operate under guidelines formulated between the Ministry of Fisheries and the previous owners of Brass Monkey Ice Ltd.  We use potable water as supplied by our Local Authority via Watercare.  Salt is Pacific Grade 11 Sola Crushed Course – Supplied by James Crisp Ltd.  We carry out a sanitizing program at all points of possible contamination which basically is regular spraying using  the Ministry of Fisheries approved sanitizing agent called Enviro Safe.  We engage NZ Laboratory Services Ltd to regularly test our product for both Total Coliforms & Faecal Coliforms.

Recreational fishermen are realizing that technology used by the Commercial fishermen for years can be applied to their catches.  Salt Flake Ice is colder than regular party ice and hence lasts longer (approx 3-5 times longer in quality chilly bins) and the salt assists in reducing bacteria on the fish skin, hence maintaining a fresher and better quality product.