Brass Monkey Ice is a manufacture and supplier of Salt Flake Ice


BULK ICE – available at the plant in Onehunga. Sold by the tonne or part thereof. You will need a truck or trailer to self transport.
OR we can deliver – minimum order 1 tonne, maximum per delivery 14 tonne.

BIN ICE – available at the plant in Onehunga. You provide the Chilly Bin, Esky or other suitable container. Sold by the kilogram/litre.

BAGGED SALES – Available at the plant in Onehunga in 5kg or 10kg plastic bags. Our 5 kg bags are also available at many sites throughout metropolitan Auckland.

The site nearest you can be made available by ringing our Onehunga office

Ph:  09 636 1064 or  by email

BAIT – Most frozen and salted baits are available at our Onehunga Depot – Prices on request.

FISHING TACKLE – A basic range of hooks, swivels, sinker and lures are available.




$180.00 including GST per tonne at our Onehunga Plant.
1 tonne is equivalent to approximately 2 cubic meters.  We can deliver by tip truck if required within the Auckland area or outside of Auckland – loads 1 tonne to 14 tonne per delivery.

Price and delivery time by negotiation.


$0.15 per litre or $0.30 per kilogram at our Onehunga Plant.


$5.00 per 5kg bag
$8.00 per 10kg bag

Payment Cash, Eftpos or Business Cheque by arrangement.


Brass Monkey Ice is a manufacture and supplier of Salt Flake Ice. Our core business is supplying ice to Commercial Fishing Boats. Associated Industries such as Fish Wholesalers and Retailers also use our Ice to assist with storage and displays. An expanding market is Recreational Fishermen, who realise that getting their catch on to Ice as soon as it leaves the water greatly improves (maintains) its quality. We supply ice at our plant at the Onehunga Wharf to YOUR chilly bins or supply it in bags. While you are getting Ice we can also supply Bait and Fishing Tackle – most of the popular types are available.

A growing market is Kids Birthday Parties – Flake Ice is the closest thing to Snow that you will find in Auckland. You pickup from the Plant in a Flatdeck truck, Trailor or Ute OR we deliver 1 tonne to 14 tonne at a time. Price on request.